Saturday, May 3, 2008

Max and Me

This is my very first blog post on my newly designed autism blog. Obviously I am going to be writing about autism and about my experience parenting my son. We are also homeschooling here so I will be sure to talk a lot about teaching. Before kids I used to be a teacher/therapist for folks with multiple disabilities. Little did I know that my education and career would come in handy in a very personal way. Actually to be honest, all the books and methods and experience did not fully prepare me for the challenges ahead. I am still learning.

I love lists so why don't I create one now.

Topics I will most likely be blogging about:

* Day to day challenges

* What has worked for us in teaching skills and/or academics

* How to cope as a parent or caregiver

* Discovering your child's gifts

* Sharing the successes and joys

* Toys, books, videos, materials and resources which have helped us

* Max's creations and artwork

And likewise here are some things I will probably NOT be writing about:

* The vaccine controversies

* Cures for Autism

* How my kid is better than your kid

* How I am a better parent than you

* How my methods/ways/choices are superior to yours

* Criticisms and judgements of other parents and caregivers who are just trying to help their child.

Now and then I may get on my soapbox but I am so weary of the political gesturing and haranguing in the autism world. It gets old really fast. My son is twelve now and with each year that passes it seems it gets worse with people fussing and fighting one another and seemingly caring more about their ideologies than about their own child.

I can tell you my stance right up front. My focus is my child. My son doesn't care what my thoughts are about the latest controversies in the autism world. He is my world.

I am hoping to be a positive force here, sharing a little of what I have learned along the way. Likewise I am in need of lots of advice and support myself. We are entering new and potentially scary territory here...the adolescent years.

Anyways...welcome to the autism express...all aboard! sure to check out the train at the bottom for all you train lovers out there.


Maddy said...

A long list of interests indeed! And a positive attitude will carry us all a long way.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! I find it to be quite therapeutic and relaxing. I think as a parent of a child with autism, and someone who used to be very social B.A. (before autism), sometimes THIS is what fills that social void for me. I love to visit other blogs and get to know other woman who may or may not be experiencing a similar life but we are still connected with a love of writing, a need to share, and above all an unmeasurable amount of love for our children.
I look forward to reading more about you and Max and I have to tell you, the headboard picture is priceless. Do you still have it that way - I love it and honestly it's quite good, he doesn't look to be much older than 3 in that picture!


the view from my shoes

Cajunchic said...

Your son has good taste. that was one of my favorite books as a child and even now still as an adult. Your blog looks great. I will definitely be back since I already bookmarked you.

LAA and Family said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and saying hello! I like your blog title and your wonderful introduction. I look forward to following your family's experiences on your blog!

WherestheBox said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. It is great to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you better.

I love seeing Max's art. My Little Guy has been very resistant to any sort of coloring or drawing and just now that he has turned six has started being willing to draw something on his own. It is very exciting progress!

Anonymous said...

I am very much looking forward to reading your blog. I love your lists. You are so right about not blogging certain topics. Although, we are our children's advocate and as parents I have always felt that we should be the one to "fight" - perhaps in some instances a rather strong word to use but I have had to fight myself for things that I had felt Amy needs just to get through day to day living.

My daughter was diagnosed at 3 also and she is now 8. I often write about her, it's such a pleasure to be able to tell the world about your beautiful kids.

Crystal Jigsaw xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit on my site (and Happy Mother's Day to you too!!).

I can't wait to get to know you and Max better. From what I've read here, you are a blog after my own heart. From trains to Where the Wild Things Are to an interest in art, I think our boys may have much in common.

Mom to Max said...

YAY! comments! so nice to meet you all and happy mother's day!

Mrs. C said...

Hello! Do you have other children besides Max?

I have boys ages 14, 13 (autism), 7 (autism), 6 (sensory processing disorder), and 18 months (stims and refuses to speak. Hmm, that couldn't mean anything, right?). I also have a GIRL!

We homeschool the 7 and 6 y.o. boys together. The older two go to public school.

It's nice to meet you. I could swear I saw you somewhere else before, though!! Do you have another blog?

Happy Mom's Day to you,too!

The Glasers said...

I love Max's artwork!!!!

What a cool idea to put them in a photobucket!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Max's artwork!Thanks for coming to my site.I have ventured on over to say welcome to the blogworld and hope to talk to you soon:)

Jerry Grasso said...

I've added you to my blogroll...If Maddy is following you, then you are being followed by the best in the autistic/parents/blogging world!

Good luck!

Pweshes Babies said...

Hi! I love everything you have written so far and I wished I discovered blogger moms like you when I started blogging in January.. somehow at that time I only stumbled upon blogs on the "autism hub" and though I cannot deny how helpful they were in educating me about all various issues (mostly involving the controversial to cure or not cure/vaccines as the cause etc) to do with autism, I always ended up feeling so disturbed and depressed after having read them, simply because I can't stand fights and confrontations! What one parent does for her autistic child cannot possibly be judged upon by another parent!

Now, especially after autism awareness month, I am ecstatic to discover blogs that have a more positive outlook and informative and helpful for mothers to read and feel inspired to do better for their child, no matter in what way we choose to do. And your beautiful blog seems to be exactly that. I am so delighted to have discovered it and am looking forward to reading all about you and Max in the future! :D