Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Three years later...

Hello out there.

I began this blog well over three years ago and I stopped writing here because I began a freelance job writing for a health site.  But I am back now as I have chosen to follow my heart and my heart is here to write about autism.

I realize I am talking to myself at this point but in time I plan to fill up this blog.  If I build it they will come.

In the meantime I have also created a sister site devoted to not just autism but a wide variety of special needs.  I hope that you will visit this blog as well.  The name of it is:  NotYourTypicalKid and it is going to be a joint effort with lots of friends and guest bloggers.

Welcome!  Stay awhile.  I promise to fill this blog with joy and love. 


groovyteach said...

glad to see you back. best of luck!

Max and Me said...

Thank you so much! I am glad to see a fellow blogger on here. In looking over my links...seems a lot of people have left the blogging world.

My mission is to get out there and connect with others who write about autism. Just need to find them.

Thanks again for visiting. Stop by any time!